what time of day is best to water in winter and summer time?



At the end of the day, some choose to turn on the water hose, while others prefer to use the automatic sprinklers in the morning.

watering your plants

The excessive amount of water that comes from lawn sprinklers when children play with them is considered by some people to be harmful to plants.

Effective planning and scheduling of watering your plants can result in both healthier plants and cost savings on water bills.

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what time of day is best to water in winter and summer time?

The answer to this question depends on many things. In general, it makes more sense to use an irrigation system such as a sprinkler in the morning.

Comparison of watering plants in the morning and at night

Comparison of watering plants in the morning and at night

This will dry the branches and leaves of the plants quickly and prevent fungal infections.

 However, many people can not start watering early in the morning.

So if your gardening is in the evening

So if your gardening is in the evening, that’s not a problem. Just make sure you give the water the plant needs directly to the root area of the plant.

How to deal with withered plants

How to deal with withered plants

If you see wilted plants on a hot day, it may be a warning sign. Wilting can be due to plant loss, pests, diseases, and over-watering.

Also, plants may wilt on a hot day to cope with the heat and return to their former condition in the evening.

 Therefore, check their condition after the sun goes down.

Whether your plants are annuals or perennials is an important factor in deciding when to water during a heat wave.

check their condition after the sun goes down

Annual plants complete their life cycle within a single year. When the surface of a few inches of soil becomes dry, these plants require watering due to their shallow root system. 

These plants must be watered daily during the summer season.

For best results, water perennial plants once or twice a week to ensure slow, careful watering over an extended period.

Irrigation in winter

Irrigation in winter:

When the weather turns cold and the air temperature quickly approaches freezing, one of the main concerns of people who grow flowers and plants or have planted trees and shrubs in their gardens is watering the plants.

Many people are unsure about watering their outdoor plants in cold weather when snow and frost are threatening.

Do trees need watering in winter

Watering in the winter is important for young plants that are not yet mature and have not yet settled into the soil. They need more water during this period.

Watering in winter is one of the few things you need to do for plants in the garden this season.

watering in winter

Do trees need watering in winter?

Unless there is a heavy snowfall in your area or the plants are exposed to dry winds, winter watering is vital for the plant.

Even if the plants have gone into hibernation, do not forget that they are still alive and perform vital metabolic functions through which they need to absorb water from the soil.

During the winter, the roots of plants can dry out. If plants that live for many years do not get enough rest, they can be damaged forever.

During the winter

When watering plants when it is almost frozen outside, many people who have flowers and plants worry that the wet soil around the roots will freeze and damage the roots.

During the winter

– Watering plants in the morning creates a shield against nighttime freezing because the water in the soil absorbs the sun’s heat, helping to lower the nighttime temperature near the plant when it gets colder.

If you use an insulating cover, much more heat will remain around the plant, which can protect it from frost damage.

Watering plants in the morning

What is the watering of trees and shrubs in the winter?

Note that plants do not need much water during the dormant season and their watering needs are much less than in spring and summer.

 In any case, when watering plants during the winter season, be sure to water vigorously several times a month.

For large plants that will live for many years, it is best to water between the trunk of the plant and the outer edges of its roots.

What is the watering of trees and shrubs in the winter

The figure above shows the span between the trunk and the shade of the size of the tree.

For smaller plants, watering can be done anywhere around the crown of the plant.

Note that the soil should not remain wet and saturated with water. Because in this case, the plant is at risk of root rot and suffocation.

For smaller plants


In general, when the soil surface is dry, if the temperature is not below 4 degrees Celsius, watering should be done. 

It is better not to water at the same time when dry winds blow. Dry winds carry away most of the water that you have given the soil to moisten the roots of plants.

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