Why is growing and keeping cactus popular?



The cactus is a plant from the cactus family (Cactaceae), a family of plants that are often prickly and fleshy.

Originally, the cactus only grew in the northern, southern and central regions of America, but today it grows in many hot and dry regions of the world.

The cactus stores water during sudden storms and uses up the stored water during the months of drought.

History of the cactus flower

History of the cactus flower:

In 1653, spiny plants were called cactus for the first time. Cactus plants used to grow in very hot and dry places in Central America.

When people discovered the American continent, they brought various cactus species to Europe. Nowadays, people continue to plant cacti in different areas.

Why is growing and keeping cactus popular?

Origin of cacti:

Cacti are actually a very delicate and diverse species of ornamental plants that were first found in the northern and southern regions of Central America.

Today, these plants can be found in most parts of the world, especially in hot and dry areas.

Cacti can survive in difficult conditions because they can store water in their leaves and stems, even when there is not much water.

If you forget to water the plants in time, this is not a problem for them.

Cultivation and maintenance of cactus

Cultivation and maintenance of cactus

The cactus is a tough plant that can survive without much water. A cactus is a plant with rough, sharp leaves, but many people love it anyway.

At the moment, the cactus is one of the most common houseplants. Many people need one or more cacti in their home.

In order to have a new and appealing cactus that can develop well, you should know exactly how to develop and care for a cactus.

When developing and caring for cacti, it is important to know that this plant is native to exceptionally dry regions and can store an impressive amount of water in its tissue.

 When developing and caring for cacti

When developing and caring for cacti, care should therefore be taken to ensure that the plant has the necessary environment.

In addition to developing and caring for cacti, many people also want to have an enticing plant in their environment.

Usually because this plant develops well in the home environment. They are very easy to care for and do not require unusual care due to their amazing longevity.

Cacti combine well with home decoration. They look very attractive together with other plants, they come in almost every size and shape, they are very versatile and they grow slowly.

This means that if you grow and care for a cactus, you will not be surprised by its sudden size after a short time.

General classification of cactus

General classification of cactus

  1. Cactus without a blade
  2. Fleshy cactus
  3. Flowering cactus
  4. Long cactus
  5. Expensive cactus
  6. Round cactus

Favorable tips for growing and maintaining cactus

The cactus is a beautiful plant that can decorate any room and does not require difficult and constant care.

It is therefore particularly suitable for apartments. But like other plants, the cactus is a plant that has needs.

So if you want to benefit from having the alluring cacti around in your home, you should bear in mind the most important points for developing and caring for cacti. The most important points that we will explain below are some of the basic needs of cactus species.

Favorable tips for growing and -maintaining -cactus-

How is sunlight important to a cactus plant?

Daylight is the most important requirement for the development and care of cacti:

if you take a foliage plant and you know that this plant actually develops in dry situations, you must make sure that this plant needs some of the coordinated daylight.

When developing and caring for cacti, proximity to direct daylight is the most important requirement. Do not withhold this condition from your cactus plant.

How is sunlight important to a cactus plant

How to water cactus?

Water the cactus with special care: The cactus could be a plant native to bone-dry areas.

To survive in an unforgiving and water-scarce environment, this plant can store water in its tissues.

For such a plant that naturally stores water in its tissues, even a lot of watering could be a death sentence.

Leave no doubt that the development and care of cacti should not be affected by too much water.

Therefore, keep a strategic distance from the accumulation of water in the pot in which the cactus is placed.

How to water cactus

What is the best pot for a cactus?

Favorable tips for growing and maintaining cactus

Get the right pot for cactus roots: The shape of the pot is extremely important for a great plant.

If you are growing and caring for cacti, for example, you should use wide pots with a shallow depth of soil.

This is because the roots of cacti are not particularly fond of going deep, or they need to spread out on the surface.

Wide pots that offer sufficient space for the cacti roots to develop are therefore particularly suitable for the development and care of cacti.

How close together can you plant cacti

How close together can you plant cacti?

Do not plant cacti close together: As already mentioned, the roots of cacti like to develop into the space around the plant.

In this way, they need sufficient space. If you plant cacti close to each other, you extremely restrict the space required by the individual cacti .

In such a case, the cacti cannot form full and strong roots. As long as they are constantly competing with the cactus to the side.

Maintaining the optimum distance between cacti is an important principle in the cultivation and care of cacti.

Some creative ideas for growing and maintaining cactus

Some creative ideas for growing and maintaining cactus

Cacti can be planted in different ways. Methods that are sometimes so creative and beautiful that they can be considered as a crucial element to complete the home decoration. Ideas such as:

  1. Using hanging edges
  2.  Creating vertical gardens
  3. Using small vases such as cups or jars
  4. Creating shelves for cacti

Creative ideas for growing and caring for cacti


When growing and caring for cacti, remember that they like hot and dry weather. Cacti do not like damp places and they cannot live in dark rooms.

A cactus, regardless of species, is very attractive in itself. These plants are great for greening and decorating your home.

But despite their hardiness, they can be very sensitive to adverse environmental conditions. The cactus is not a fast-growing plant.

Often the rate of development of this plant is extraordinarily moderate and is accompanied by a packet of boredom.

Therefore, someone who plants a large and new cactus in their environment should be commended for their care and perseverance in the development of their cactus.

Although there is no such thing as a small or large cactus, it can bring a certain charm to the home environment in any shape or size.

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