why is my purple coleus turning green?



Have you ever wondered why plants are green?

Why is the color of plants green?

The green color of leaves, mosses, meadows, or other green plants is due to the presence of molecules called chlorophyll.

The reason for the widespread presence of chlorophyll in all plants on earth is their ability to absorb sunlight.

The more light a plant absorbs, the more energy it has to produce sugars and develop flowers, fruits, and other activities.

Have you ever wondered why plants are green

So if chlorophyll is the reason for green leaves and plants, it should not take up the green color well.

This is because sunlight is made up of a range of colors, each of which has its wavelength.

When we see the leaves in green color, it means that they have absorbed all the wavelengths, but the green wavelength has not been absorbed but reflected and has reached our eyes and we have perceived it as green.

On the other hand, chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light very well.

Why is the color of plants green

The question arises: If chlorophyll can absorb red and blue light very well, but not other colors, including green, then why are not all mosses, grasses, and plants black?

Or if they are not black, why are they not blue or red? To find the answer, we suggest you take a look at this moving graphic.


why is my purple coleus turning green?

Coleus is classified in the category of houseplants, so it is better to use fertilizer for houseplants to grow this plant.

Coleus  is an annual or herbaceous plant from the mint family. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia as far north as Australia.

The title of this species is comparable to the cultivar Scutellaria, which derives from the Latin word scutella, suggesting a bowl or dish, and alludes to the shape of the flower bowl that remains after the flowers have faded.

Coleus  is an annual

Coleus forms a mound 1 m high and 1 m wide. The plant thrives best in moist, nutrient-rich, loose soil in partial shade, but can also tolerate full shade. The plants can wither in full sun.

Full shade can promote leg growth. If desired, cutting off the tip of the shoot can make the plant bushier.

Cuttings can easily be rooted in water or clean potting soil.

Sometimes they are also called painted nettles. They are stunning multicolored plants that are grown for their leaves rather than their flowers.

coleus plants

They are perfect for container growing or to add to garden beds and provide wonderful color in semi-shady areas.

Today we will be looking at coleus plants used for decoration. Other types of coleus plants are used in other countries as herbs for cooking, as medicine or even to eat the tubers.

I will also briefly mention a few other plants because they are interesting, but there’s a lot to see with Plectranthus scutellarioides in particular.

different kinds

different kinds

Several species of coleus fall under the term “witch”. Mix coleus can be a stunning display of many different colors.

Some of the particular varieties that fall under this designation are Jade Witch, Rose Witch, Red Velvet Witch, Golden Witch, Magic Coral, Magic Coral Sunrise, Magic Mosaic, Magic Pastel, Magic Pineapple, Magic Scarlet and Magic Sunset.

Mix coleus

Each of them has a completely different color combination. Available in the colors red, yellow, orange, off-white, green, pink, purple, and off-black.


This herb is used to mask the strong and sometimes confusing flavor of meats such as goat or lamb. It tastes like oregano but with a spicy mint flavor.

This is not surprising, as it is a relative of mint! A natural mosquito repellent can be made from the oils of this plant.


way of care

Coleus is very easy to care for and is loved by many gardeners. With a few simple tips, anyone can grow this ornamental plant.

the light

Although Coleus likes warm weather, its light requirements are minimal.

As a tropical plant, it is used to getting most of its direct sunlight from the trees above it.

the light

The scorching rays of the sun can fade the beautiful leaf colors, so try to create at least some shade to get the best effect.

The best color is obtained when the sun shines in the early morning and the shade in the afternoon.

Water requirements

Water requirements

When you put your plant in the ground for the first time, give it enough water to soak the soil.

Don’t water too much afterward, as this can cause the roots to become diseased and the leaves to fall off.

Only water the plants when the soil is dry and make sure that the soil is always slightly moist. The soil should be slightly moist but not muddy.

Soil clouse


Plectranthus scutellarioides prefers well-drained soil. Do not use soils that contain a high proportion of moisture-absorbing vermiculite or polymer.

A mixture with a high perlite content is preferable as it aerates the soil and improves drainage at the same time.

Fertilizer clouse


After you have planted your plant, water it until the soil has softened. After that, you should not water as much, as this will lead to root rot and leaf drop.

Water when the soil is dry, so to speak, and keep it evenly moist. You do not need muddy soil, but a light soaking.

Water when the soil is dry


the verdant allure of plants owes its brilliance to the intricate dance between chlorophyll and sunlight.

Understanding this phenomenon not only illuminates the science behind their vibrant green color but also underscores the vital role of plants in harnessing solar energy for growth and sustenance.

Moreover, delving into the world of coleus plants unveils their multifaceted benefits, from ornamental beauty to culinary and medicinal uses.

coleus plants unveils their multifaceted benefits

As we marvel at the wonders of nature, let us continue to nurture and appreciate the diverse flora that graces our surroundings, enriching our lives in countless ways.

Through careful cultivation and appreciation, we can cultivate a deeper connection with the botanical realm and foster a greener, more vibrant world for generations to come.

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