How fast do Monstera roots grow in water?



Plant the Monstera in the soil

To complete the process, the cuttings are planted in individual pots. Remember that each cutting is a new plant, and in about 20 to 30 days our plants are ready to appear in their final location.

It is not a plant that needs too much care, although in many households it dies due to excessive watering.

 This is due to a bad habit that people cannot break: They see a plant that is a bit rotten and keep watering it even though the soil is moist.

Plant the money plant in the soil

Money plant with the scientific nameMonstera Aquatica is a flower that we also know as the Monstera tree. 

Monstera plant is a plant native to Central America and South America. Other names for this plant include Malabar oak, Guyana oak, provision tree, and French peanut.

money plant is an evergreen plant

The indigenous people of South America know this houseplant as a lucky tree, and they believe that any place where this tree is located will bring good luck.

Monstera plant is an evergreen plant and has simple conditions of care. Even if you don’t have special skills in plant care, you can easily keep a Monstera tree in your home and follow the proper care factors for this plant.

Money plant

The species of Monstera are also known by the color of the flowers of this plant, for example, the white flower and red flower of Monstera plant are among its most famous species.

  • – The plant grows best in bright places, but without direct sunlight. It tolerates hot and humid places, but not very cold temperatures. So if you put it in the ground at some point, you should not keep it below 10 degrees Celsius.

It is a fast-growing plant

  • – It is a fast-growing plant, but its shelf life is not years, but only a few months. To preserve it, you can cut off the largest branches by a few centimeters and plant them in another container where a new plant will grow.
  • – When you finally transplant the plant into the ground, water it only when necessary and when the bed feels dry: approx.

The plant grows best in bright places

Where to cut Monstera for propagation?

How fast do Monstera roots grow in water?

Cultivation of the Monstera plant in the water

The easiest way to propagate the Monstera plant is to grow it in water. This method is very simple but should be done at the right time of year, such as spring or summer, when the plant is in full growth.

It is also important to use a healthy, mature, and well-formed plant so that our cuttings will be more successful.

Cultivation of the money plant in the water

We cut some stems that are a good length and separate the leaves from the bottom so that the stem sinks about 3 to 5 inches into the water.

It is important to make a clean cut and remove the leaves, otherwise, there is a risk of rot and rootlessness.

Once in the water, we can add a liquid rooting agent to improve the process. If we don’t have that, we just use water and put the container in a well-lit place in the house.

Once we have strong and long roots

We let them root, a process that usually takes several weeks, and change the water every 7 days.

In summer it is enough to water once a week, and in winter we add water about every 15 days.

Once we have strong and long roots, we can transplant the stem into a pot with a high-quality, nutrient-rich substrate.

Why does my money plant die

Why does my Monstera plant die?

It is very common for Monstera plants to die after being transplanted from water to soil. This is because, after a long period of feeding on water, we provide it with an environment with lower water content.

To prevent this, it is recommended to water the plant abundantly in the first few weeks

Is the money planted inside or outside

Is the Monstera planted inside or outside?

This is another very common question. Although it is more common to keep them indoors once the mature plant is well-grown and strong enough,



In this article, it was mentioned that the Monstera plant is an apartment plant that needs a lot of care, in the following we have mentioned how to care for it and also its habitat, keep in mind that the temperature and humidity level of this flower should be observed in order to Always have a fresh and beautiful plant in your home. Thanks for your cooperation

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