how to keep squirrels out of the raised vegetable garden?



To keep squirrels away from your flower garden, scatter litter or cat litter around the edges of the garden. However, never use cat litter in your vegetable garden.

Provide water and food for the squirrels. Squirrels will attack and eat your garden vegetables if they are hungry or thirsty and cannot find food elsewhere.

Hang a squirrel feeder along with a bucket of water in a place where squirrels hang out. Squirrels can be a problem for people who grow vegetables.

But there are good ways to keep them away. Remove them from the garden every two weeks and use various products to keep them away.

To keep squirrels

how to keep squirrels out of the raised vegetable garden?

1-Trapping: Trapping is an effective method of squirrel control that, when used correctly, can control at least 90% of garden squirrels. 

This method is particularly effective in the fall when the squirrels do not have enough food available and pounce on the food in the traps.

Therefore, this method is not very effective in spring and especially in summer when there is enough food available.

In this method, the squirrels‘ favorite food such as corn, peanuts, etc. is used in the traps, and the squirrels get stuck when they enter the traps.

the squirrels' favorite food such as corn, peanuts,

2-Annoying settlement and shooting: In winter, when the squirrels are not particularly dynamic, the strategy of deterrence is a viable way to control the gray (tree) squirrels.

This strategy works in winter when the trees have no litter and the gray squirrels‘ dens are easy to see. In this strategy, they use gutters or long sticks to prod and aggravate the squirrels’ settlement.

The disadvantage of this method is that only a few squirrels

Another person then quickly aims an air rifle at the squirrel, and shoots and kills the fleeing squirrels. The disadvantage of this method is that only a few squirrels can be controlled and that it is time-consuming.

Care should be taken to ensure that the carcasses of the dead squirrels are quickly collected and destroyed. This is because their carcasses are dangerous to non-target animals and cause them injury and poisoning.

Biological control

3-Biological control: As part of the biological control strategy, they chase away squirrels by releasing feathered animals such as falcons and birds of prey.

In this strategy, nursery staff often set up long columns as a site for feathered predators and the squirrels are caught by these birds.

Control of ground squirrels

Although these squirrels are not a problem in the traditional gardens of Qazvin, it is interesting to mention the methods to control them, and if you see these squirrels, you can use the methods mentioned below to control them.

Baiting method: The best way to control gophers is to use baits or seeds impregnated with poisons after the vegetation has dried, i.e. in summer. Zinc phosphide granules are a strong poison with a pungent odor that enables rapid control.

Sprinkle blood or bone powder on the ground near the tomato plants in dry times

Anticoagulants such as chlorophacinone and diphacinone can also be used as baits, which pose fewer risks and affect non-target animals less.

Anticoagulants prevent the formation of vitamin K in the liver. Therefore, the blood is unable to coagulate. The animal dies one week to ten days after feeding.

Control of ground squirrels

Make cayenne pepper as a repellent:

To do this, mix two tablespoons of pepper with a quarter of boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool and strain through a stocking or very fine mesh.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray a little on all the plants. Squirrels do not stay near cayenne pepper because it hurts their eyes and makes them sneeze.

Make cayenne pepper as a repellent

Place red or black pepper at the edge of your garden. Re-spray the pepper if it is blown or washed away by wind or rain.

Place pesticide tablets in and around your plants. This will not only keep squirrels away but also rats and other pests.

You can also put the tablets in a stocking or thin sock and hang them on the trees in your garden. Soak old rags in white vinegar and hang them on fence posts or trees in the garden. Repeat this every week.

Use a variety of repellents



In this article, we mentioned various ways to prevent squirrels from attacking your plants and fruits. If you know a better solution, please share it with us. 

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