how to trim rose bushes before winter?



If you want to have a healthy and beautiful rose and look after it properly, knowing how to prune roses correctly is the key.

Roses have been prized for their beauty and fragrance for thousands of years, and today they play a central role in gardens around the world, adding love and color to gardens, borders, walls, and patios.

If you are looking for ideas for a rose garden, you will be spoiled for choice, as this plant comes in a variety of colors and shapes and offers countless design possibilities.


how to trim rose bushes before winter?

Although roses produce some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, they are exceptionally hardy shrubs.

Pruning them incorrectly cannot harm them, so prune them with confidence. However, to get the best out of your roses, you should follow some basic pruning rules. 

Remember that not all roses are pruned in the same way. If you need to prune sprouting roses, we’ll explain how to prune sprouting roses shortly.

If you need to prune sprouting roses

Pruning roses – what you need

Before you prune the roses, you should get the right tools – start with gloves and a good pair of scissors. You can sharpen your scissors at home with a whetstone or a diamond cutter.

You can usually cut young rose stems with shears, but for thicker branches and dead wood, you’ll need a handsaw.

Pruning roses - what you need

Just like when planting roses, you should wear thick gardening gloves to protect your hands from the thorns. Rose thorns contain germs that can make you ill. If you have cut yourself, you should clean the area with an antibacterial spray.

Correct pruning of the rose stem

Correct pruning of the rose stem

How do you prune rose bushes?

1-The most important point when pruning is to prune the rose bushes at the right time of year. The best time for pruning is late winter to early spring when the main flowering begins.

If you prune your rose bushes too early, you run the risk of the plant being damaged by the ice. And if you prune too late, the plant may not be able to develop.

2- Experts advise that it is better to prune than not to prune at all, so even when spring arrives, you should prune. But never prune when the shoots are frostbitten or frozen.

How do you prune rose bushes

Remember that roses take several years to grow and that young plants need less pruning. Only prune shrub roses heavily in the first few years to encourage the shoots to mature and produce large flowers.

4-Cut the rose bushes back to half their circumference, or, if the rose is still young, cut it back by a third. It is appropriate to place a gatekeeper in the ground following the rose at the height of the rose and serving as a back.

Use sharp scissors to cut the rose stems

5- Use sharp scissors to cut the rose stems. To allow the new shoots to develop outwards and the center to remain more open, make a slight diagonal cut above a healthy, outward-facing bud.

6- Carefully remove dead or diseased rose stems from below. When plants die, their stems turn brown and have no green parts left. You’ll need a handsaw to cut old and large, withered stems.

7- Remove thin and weak shoots that break off easily because they cannot support new growth.

Remove thin and weak shoots that break off easily because they cannot support new growth.

8- In places where parts of the plant are compressed, one or two stems should be removed to allow more discussion and light. Also, where two stems rub against each other, one should be selected for pruning.

9- It is important to shape the rose bush and try to form a rounded bush. This means that the sides are cut slightly shorter than the central shoots.

Don't worry if your rose gets smaller after pruning

Don’t worry if your rose gets smaller after pruning. It will soon be large and full of flowers again in spring. Finally, pick up any leaves that have fallen off and could cause the disease. 

As soon as the flowers open in summer, remove the old flowers. Roses often produce more shoots with flowers so that they can bloom again. Cutting roses back in the middle of summer will make them healthier and stronger.

Summary of pruning roses

Summary of pruning roses

It is not advisable to prune roses for the winter, as this makes them more susceptible to cold and frost. For best results, prune in late winter and early spring. 

However, if the rose branches are damaged by wind, it is best to remove them from the plant. You can also use rose cuttings in the fall or winter to grow new roses.

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