Is it normal for roses to lose their leaves in winter?



Today we want to talk about the causes of rose leaf drop. Leaf drop in houseplants is a problem that most people face.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail the ways of prevention and the causes of plant leaf drop. We hope that this article will be useful to you and answer many of your questions.

If the fresh and green leaves of your plants fall off, it may be due to the following problems. Each behavior that plants exhibit has its reason, which includes the following:

rose leaf drop

Is it normal for roses to lose their leaves in winter?

Sudden dropping of plant leaves:

If you see that your plant falls without previous problems, such as yellowing and deafness, it is a shock that has been inflicted on this plant, the main reason is a temperature change that has been in direct sunlight, or that the degree Its temperature is very low, which is what has happened to the plant.

Sudden dropping of plant leaves

Care of the plant in winter:

In this method, it is recommended to prepare the plant to enter this season and begin hibernation, taking into account the environmental and nutritional conditions.

Although the rose bushes are very strong and can protect themselves against the cold, the cold of this season is harmful to the rose pot.

Although the rose bushes are very strong

For this reason, it is better to stop pruning roses at the end of September and to water the soil around the plant well after the first frost.

To avoid diseases and insect infestation during the cold season, it is better to remove all fallen leaves from the plant. Also, do not neglect to remove the mulch in spring.

Care of the plant in winter

Physical injuries:

Plants are very fragile, and if they bump into other objects in traffic, they can fall over. You should also know that contact with your children and pets can cause the fresh green leaves to fall off, so protect your plants from physical damage.

Physical injuries

Get to know the principles for caring for roses in winter

It is much better to know that a rose has numerous species that are among the leading and best flowers in the world in terms of shape, color, fragrance, and splendor. This plant is grown as a shrub and nowadays, with the advancement of cultivation and plant development up to date, it is conceivable to grow and nurture it in a pot.

one of the most important concerns for the care

In general, one of the most important concerns for the care and cultivation of roses is when this plant is purchased as a branch in flower stores.

It is very important to maintain the freshness of this plant, but unfortunately, this beautiful plant will wilt quickly, for this reason, several strategies for caring for roses for a long time have been mentioned in this section that you can use:

Get to know the principles for caring for roses in winter

Care of aquatic plants:

As soon as you receive or buy a sprig of roses, you should place it in a glass or bottle of ice water and, when you get home, cut the stem of the flowers at an angle under water, as this will make them last longer. The stems are very helpful.

When preparing, make sure that the scissors you use to cut the stems are clean and disinfected, and try to remove the stem completely from the pot so that the plant stays in the pot better.

In addition, removing the shoots in the water will lead to rotting and the formation of microbes in the water.

Care of aquatic plants

It is better to keep the pot in which you place the plant completely clean and fill it almost 3/4 full with cool, clean water.

You can place the pot a few centimeters above the bottom of the pot so that the rose can absorb the water better.

In general, the cases mentioned above are among the most important and basic problems when plant leaves fall off.

If you pay attention to the above points, you can have a vibrant and fresh plant and enjoy its beauty. We hope that we have been able to help you in the area of plant care.

If you pay attention to the above points


In the intricate world of rose cultivation, understanding the nuances of leaf drop is essential for nurturing healthy, vibrant plants. By unraveling the mysteries behind seasonal changes, sudden leaf loss, and potential injuries, we’ve equipped you with the knowledge to safeguard your roses against common threats.

As you embark on your journey of rose care, remember the importance of proactive measures. From preparing for winter’s chill to shielding against physical harm, each step plays a crucial role in preserving the beauty of your blooms.

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