Is azalea suitable for growing in an apartment?


Introduction AZALEA flower 

One of the most beautiful house flowers among flower lovers is the azalea. This bushy flower forms so many blossoms when it blooms that it fills the entire space above the pot like a corolla.

Azalea flowers are a plant species that belongs to the andron family. The azalea is only used to decorate interiors in winter. It originates from Asia.

Introduction AZALEA flower 

The lowest temperature at which the azalea can bloom in winter is 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, and in the middle of the growing season, the night temperature must be kept between 13 and 18 degrees.

please simplify this section. There are too many different types of azaleas to list them all, but here are some of the most beautiful species. There are over 1000 different species of azaleas an rhododendrons.

What are the azalea flowers and the storage conditions?

Azalea is a plant species that is also called Rhododendron spp. This plant belongs to the Ericaceae family and originates from Japan.

This plant is a small shrub that remains green all year round. The leaves are slender and dark. They are usually less than 50 cm long.

This plant is native to Asia, Europe and North America. The azalea is a decorative and colorful plant that you can use in open spaces, overhangs and in the grounds of your home.

But in the event that you choose to keep this plant in your home environment, there must be a steady breeze for this plant.

In the center of the day and night, you need to keep it another to the window that is incessantly open.
It’s good to know that this plant blooms in winter. Fall and winter.

plant blooms in winter

This plant grows better and faster when the weather is cool, because it likes cool temperatures very much. The flowers come in white, magenta, purple and pink. This plant also helps to purify the air.

1- About 700 varieties that are 1 to 2 meters long or smaller can be cultivated as houseplants. The varieties vary in color. The diameter of the flowers reaches up to 8 cm.

2- It is a plant with short legs and many branches, the height of which does not exceed 50-60 cm, the leaves are almost transparent green, the flowers are small and funnel-shaped, in double or triple panicles.

The flowers are pink, orange or red in color. There are different species of these plants: Kurume has large flowers in many colors, and Amoenum has small flowers that are only 2 cm wide. Kairin is another type of animal. It is a plant that grows in a pot and has many small flowers.

The azalea blooms in spring, but sometimes the flowers only appear in midsummer. In any case, at the beginning of summer you will also see pink flowers among the yellow and red flowers.

3-The azalea is a sensitive flower. This flower cannot withstand the cold, for example, and in environments with less than 5 degrees Celsius they wither and sometimes die.

Is azalea suitable for growing in an apartment

Is azalea suitable for growing in an apartment?

You should water this pretty flower every day and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. It needs plenty of moisture and you must remember to dust it daily.

Azaleas are a little more difficult to care for than other flowering plants, but many people like them because they are so beautiful.

 Azaleas not only look pretty, but they also help clean the air by breaking down formaldehyde and purifying the air.

If you’re considering the possibility of developing azalea flowers in your home, for example in an apartment, this flower can be placed among the apartment flowers;

azalea flowers

but by nature the azalea can not be recognised as a house flower. This is because this flower needs a constant stream of discussion.

On the other hand, the development of azalea flowers is not at all compatible with a hot environment. In a hot environment, where the soil quickly loses its moisture, the roots of the azalea flowers rot and die exceptionally quickly.

Therefore, if you want to plant this flower in an attic, it is better not to plant it in a place, for example, on the radiators of the house.

In short, the developing azalea likes cool and humid winds, it disappears exceptionally quickly in hot and dry situations, and it might be a little sensitive if it is constantly exposed to daylight.

Planting conditions for azalea flowers

Planting conditions for azalea flowers

The azalea flower has roots that do not develop in depth. The roots of this plant like to spread out in an umbrella shape. Wide pots are therefore more suitable than deep and long pots.

The pots should be made of clay and the potting compost should have a pH value of 4.5.

Do not use natural fertilizers to prepare the soil, sandy soils are not suitable and clay soils are very unruly.

They have prepared a special soil for growing azalea flowers. If you want to successfully grow azaleas at home, it is better to use special soil for this flower.

Always remember that the azalea can be a hardy flower if you fertilize it properly. But if you do not give the azalea the necessary attention, it will not be able to satisfy your need for warmth for long.

This flower will soon lose its freshness if you do not give it the necessary attention or normal care.

Care and maintenance of azalea flowers at home

Care and maintenance of azalea flowers at home:

Azaleas in the house soon wither, lose their baldness after many days and inevitably die after a while. To care for these plants and plan for flowering, it is always important to know a few special points, which are explained below:

1- Azaleas grow warm and tall. In the event that the heat in the house is high and there is no place for this plant that cannot withstand more than 15 degrees Celsius, there is no confidence in the durability and tenacity of the flowers for more than 2-3 weeks. From this point of view, the plant cannot survive even in high temperatures and dry discussion.

2- Azalea flower needs constant but little watering. It is better to water the plant 2 times a day than to soak the soil or take plenty of water at the base of the pot.

3- Washing the leaves helps to moisturise the plant. However, there is a risk of damaging the petals. Try to wash the lower leaves of the plant.

When the flowers fall off, put the azalea in a cool, not too cold place, water less and remember to clean the leaves.

Flowering and pruning

Flowering and pruning

To ensure that the plant can flower every year, the branches should be pruned back after flowering. This will allow the azalea to shed unused branches and flower again the following year.


Almost everything has been said above about the azalea plant and its care conditions. You can take good care of this plant if you follow them. It has difficult care conditions, but it is beautiful and eye-catching.

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