What is the flower with the black center?



A very pretty flower called Gerbera has a central part. Gerbera Jamesonii, also known as GERBERA JAMESONII, is native to Africa and likes warm and sunny locations.

 Gerbera is a very popular flower, especially in tropical areas. It does not like cold air or cold soil.

What is the flower with the black center

What is the flower with the black center?

There are two types of gerbera plants. The first variety thrives in the greenhouse and has an elongated structure, while the second grows in the garden and has a smaller size.

There are two types of gerbera plants

Gerbera, a popular plant variety, is common both as a cut flower and as a potted plant or for landscaping.

The plant is very popular because its flowers come in a variety of attractive colors.

 just make sure the plant is in a sunny location and water it regularly to meet its needs.


Transvaal daisy


Origin South Africa

English name


Transvaal daisy ، Barberton daisy ، Gerbera

scientific name


Other names Gerber daisy ، Transvaal daisy ، Barberton daisy ، African dais


Gerbera “White House” impresses with its beautiful white petals. It is the embodiment of pure purity and has a mesmerizing aura.

Gerbera’s “White House” impresses with its flower decoration.

Gerberas belong to the daisy family and, by the name of their genus, have a flower head, the inflorescence of which is arranged in the form of a basket.

Gerberas belong to the daisy family

With its lemon-white color, it looks very elegant in the “White House”, but it is also very sensitive to color.

Almost without counteracting and embracing this sensitive element, “The White House” manages to form a harmonious floral centerpiece with a dark black eye.

The gerbera family of cut flowers is very popular in our area because of its variety of colors. Gerberas have in common not only this wealth of shades.

The gerbera family of cut flowers

Their distinctive feature is their elegance. Gerbera’s “White House” shows itself in a vase as a pleasant, contrasting, or harmonious addition to any interior.

Gerbera ‘White House’ can be given as a bouquet with or without greenery. 

Unlike the red rose, the meaning of the gerbera “White House’ is not predetermined, and you can fill it with anything you want.

gerbera flowering

As for the economic importance, the production of gerbera flowering branches by tissue culture is one of the priorities of ornamental plant research in Iran.

It is a durable, tropical, and cold-sensitive flower with deep roots and single flowers formed on a tufted stem.

tropical, and cold-sensitive flower

The flowers are available in yellow, pink, orange, red, purple, white and cream. 

This plant is indifferent to the length of the day and blooms better in conditions of high light intensity, but it prefers a short day, in other words, a short day is optional.

 This plant blooms from late spring to late fall and even in early winter.

This plant blooms from late spring to late fall and even in early winter.

It is grown in a greenhouse in Iran and its cut flowers are used in spring and winter.

 Under good conditions, 10 to 15 flowers can be harvested from each plant.

 Garden varieties can bloom throughout the growing season if planted in a sunny location.


to care

to care

  1. – After transport, cut the boot at a slight angle at the end and repeat this procedure every two to three days. In this way, you will maintain its stability and vitality.
  2. – Also, do not put the stem too deep into the water, otherwise, it will soften very quickly. A water level of 2 cm in the pot is sufficient.
  3. – Check the surface daily and change the water regularly, preferably enriched with fresh preservatives.
  4. – The place should be bright, have enough light, and not cause heat accumulation.


The place should be bright


Number of stems per sales unit


25 stems

Flower diameter approx


12-14 cm

Flowers per stem


1 flower
Color white
Lineage Netherlands
long mind 40 cm
access All year round



  • – If you can provide enough light to keep this flower fresh. Keeping gerbera flowers in the house is very simple.


  • When the soil is dry, water the plant sufficiently and let the water soak in completely before putting it back in the pot.


the water will not drip from the bottom

  • This way, the water will not drip from the bottom. Of course, the plant may die faster in wet soil.


  • When watering, make sure the leaves are completely dry. Water sparingly during the winter months, but don’t let the soil get too dry either.


If you can provide enough light to keep this flower fresh

  • Monthly feeding in spring and summer and regular fertilizing is very useful for this flower and its leaves, as well as adequate fertilizing in autumn and winter.


  • If this flower is kept in a good and clean place, it will bloom very quickly before it fades. Flowers are all the same. Remove yellow and damaged leaves only if necessary.


If this flower is kept in a good and clean place


Gerbera Jamesonii, also known as Gerbera or Transvaal daisy, is a stunning flower native to South Africa, cherished for its vibrant colors and elegant appearance. 

Whether adorning gardens, bouquets, or indoor spaces, Gerberas add a touch of beauty and grace.

Gerbera Jamesonii

To propagate Gerberas successfully, it’s essential to provide them with the right conditions, including ample sunlight, regular watering, and appropriate fertilization. 


With proper care, these flowers can thrive year-round, bringing joy and freshness to any environment.

Gerberas successfully, it's essential to provide

Their economic importance, particularly in regions like Iran, highlights their significance as a sought-after ornamental plant.

By following simple care instructions, such as regular watering, proper lighting, and occasional feeding, Gerberas can bloom abundantly, offering their delightful presence throughout the seasons.

By following simple care

In summary, Gerberas are not only aesthetically pleasing but also relatively easy to care for, making them a popular choice for flower enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

With their striking beauty and versatile nature, Gerberas continue to captivate hearts around the world, spreading joy and color wherever they bloom


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